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Personalized Pumpkin Dog Sign

Personalized Pumpkin Dog Sign

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Get ready to Fall head over paws for our new personalized Pumpkin Pup sign!

Embrace the cozy vibes of Autumn with this adorable wooden sign featuring an open-faced pumpkin, allowing your chosen dog breed(s) to peek through. To make it even more special, we'll include your beloved pet's name(s) below the pumpkin. Celebrate the joys of fall while showcasing your furry companion's breed and name in a way that's both charming and heartwarming.

Our wood signs come with attached ribbon for easy hanging and stylish display. They measure 10.5" X 7" and are 1/4" thick. The wood is lightweight yet durable and has rounded corners that add to the charm of the piece.

This delightful sign offers a touch of Autumn charm while celebrating the special bond you share with your canine companion(s).

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